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Unlocking Your Newsletter Potential as a YouTube Creator

Solidify your following, enhance engagement, and explore limitless monetization opportunities—all with a tailored newsletter, done for you.

My Newsletter Platform of Choice

Beehiiv. & here's why...

Nestled in the realm of powerhouse newsletters like Daily Drop and Milk Road, Beehiiv isn't just a platform—it's your trusted growth partner.Engineered for cosmic scalability and as personalized as your creative fingerprint, Beehiiv propels your journey as a creator, with possibilities stretching further than beyond.And the cherry on top? It's FREE to start.

P.S. Not an affiliate. Just their biggest fan.

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Dear Creator,My goal is simple: to be the one-stop shop for all your newsletter creation needs.Writing. Designing. Researching. You name it, I'm here for you.And here's why:You, as a creator, bust your 🍑 building your content business & should have FULL access to your audience at all times. (And by access, I mean e-mail access...the true money maker for any business.)But big corporate platforms like YouTube know that e-mail is KING. And giving that up to you would be like surrendering the throne and handing over a whole lot of $$$.Between you and me, that transfer of power will likely never happen.BUT there is a solution.Starting a newsletter with the goal of building an e-mail list that you own is your golden ticket to future-proofing your creator business.And with little to no start-up costs, it's also your ticket to unlocking endless monetization opportunities.Many top creators are already in on the secret and doing the d*mn thing.My advice? RUN, don't walk. I'll help you set the pace.~JW

I create newsletters that...

Content & Copy like you speak

Your voice = my mission. I dive into your content, master your unique tone, and discover those nuances only your followers would pick up on. So when they read your newsletter, your audience knows it's you, every time.

Design & Creation

...move, groove & engage

It's all in the details, baby. Using design software and creative flair, your newsletters transforms into a dynamic collections of animations and GIFs, ensuring your readers stay captivated from start to finish.


...echo your brand

Turning my YouTube addiction into your newsletter perfection, your content becomes my binge fest, ensuring each creation truly reflects you.


My work. Your Potential.

After 40 hours of creative chaos, powered by 10 packs of spicy ramen and a finger dance that even my keyboard can't forget, here's what survived the madness.

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